martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

El presente blog es una actividad que el maestro de Inglés Juan Enrique Cabrales Sánchez nos sugirió realizar como parte de la formación para la mejora de nuestra escritura en el segundo idioma, ya que no soy un experto en la materia, pero con esta actividad he mejorado un poquito más y me ha interesado más expresarme en este idioma, y buscar maneras más propias y colegiales de comunicarse.

Debo mencionar que no todos las entradas están corregidas por el profesor, por lo tanto pueden tener algunos errores, pero más adelante serán revisadas y reeditadas.

Sin más que decir, doy gracias a todos aquellos que se detienen a leer este blog y disfrutar de lo que tiene, así como también al profesor Cabrales por ofrecernos este gran oportunidad de desarrollar nuestra habilidad de la escritura por este medio y por su ayuda en el mejoramiento de nuestro conocimiento del idioma y cultura general.

Atentamente ,
Jorge Estrada.

viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2008

Scared? Scared of fate?

You are the one who decides

how to change your destiny,

besides God's decision.

No matter what you are made for,

you can do

what you will.

It is just about decisions to make

and desire to accomplish everything you have dreamed.

Still Scared?

Why not? It is normal to be afraid

of the upcoming events.

I know you are hunger of power

and being someone,

and that you are ready to

take off in your plane.

It is just about taking actions

and then you stop being of

what you don't want to.

God wants you to do something

for your life.

It is not just living how it comes.

Just be scared of doing nothing

for your life.

Do not believe your life is

already built up,

because it is time

to take action!

Written by Jorge Estrada

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008

Deeply, sleepy
I fall down in your arms,
glory of the skies,
sound of the dark,
you have gotten me inside of you,
open your soul to the deepest of this love.
Deeply,sleeply, lovely
chained in your kisses,
sweet like breeze,
touching my skin at night.
Baby, darling,
don't ever let me down,
because I want you,
because I really love you.
Baby baby,
don't ever let me down,
be always with me.
I need you
as a child to the mother.
I need you,
don't ever go away,
because I need you.
Written by Jorge Estrada

sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008

I cannot get enough
feeling your body over mine,
I cannot get enough
of sweet kisses.
All I am,
I show how I am
when I'm with you,
I cannot get enough
of this crazy,
crazy love,
though I have you,
I am unsatisfied,
I need you more and more,
I am addicted to you.
Written by Jorge Estrada
Just turn around,
don't walk away,
just show me what you feel.
Just turn around,
don't walk away,
just show me what you feel,
just turn around,
don't walk away.
Just let the emotions flow away,
just let this love bloom away
and allow our hearts be enchanted
with this moment.
Written by Jorge Estrada

miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2008


CHRISTMAS is around the corner and I am looking forward for it, because in my family is a tradition to share love with others in a very particular way. This began four years ago when my dad had the great idea to set the christmas tree plus some of his Christmas toys like a Santa Claus who dances lively songs and uff a lot of his obsession about this season and when it is time I am going to come over you to join the beauty of this celebration where union is one of the important things that happens in this time.

I saw this little event grew up when I was about 7 and believe me I did not think we would become a little famous because of this. But of course, it is a lot of work to do during the year, though my house is small, my father sees the way to fit everything well in the living and dining room, he moved everything from them and he made a kind of circus. Yes that is how I call it "circus", because it looks like a shopping window, but without the famous window, because my father invites the curious people who stops in front of my house to see the outdoors Christmas decorations like an Illuminated Nativity scene, the lights and the 7 big blown figures that my father sets in the front yard and in the roof, I think it is amazing his creativity where he puts all his effort.Moreover, inside the house my dad sets the Santa Claus' train and the Christmas figures and I cannot forget the biggest one figure, it is a real size Santa Claus that dances and sings Christmas carols.

Every night of December, my family and I receive people from different parts of the city,of the country and the other country.Even people we do not know, people who come to town to visit their family relatives and they pass around my house, and my dad invites them to enter to my house and show them something that can be common in other countries like United States, but not too much in my country, because as Mexicans we set a Nativity scene, but to decorate it with Santa Clause stuff, that seems to be different.

Last year,one of these days of December my father, my girlfriend and I disguised for Christmas and many, many children were really happy to meet Santa there in my house with his elfs.That is right, it was my girlfriend and I the ones who help Mr.Claus to deliver the presents, but that night we were in charge of being part of this demonstration of Christmas love.

That is why I am waiting anxiously for Christmas time to celebrate along with people I know and people I do not have any idea where they come from. By the way, every year we keep a bookmark, so if you come, because you are already invited, do not forget to write down the Christmas greetings in our bookmark.